Introduction to White Mountain Insect Repellent

White Mountain Insect Repellent is an all-natural formula made from essential oils of insect repelling plants and has been tested in the Canadian wilderness and in the jungles of Belize, where biting insects are a way of life. It is used by wilderness guides, campers, hikers,archeologists, fishermen, golfers, construction workers, boaters, gardeners, and a host of other users too numerous to list here. In general, if you are in an area where biting insects are a problem, White Mountain Insect Repellent will give you protection against them.

Since White Mountain Insect Repellent is DEET-FREE it can be safely applied to children and adults who are sensitive to deet (the active ingredient in Off, Repel,Cutters, Avon Skintastic, etc.).Also, the ingredients in White Mountain Insect Repellent will not harm the finish on expensive sports equipment like,fishing rods and lines, golf clubs, sunglasses and others that would be destroyed by contact with deet containing repellents. We recognize that DEET is an effective insect repellent, however, it should never be applied to children under any circumstance and since there is a lot of resistence to the toxicity of deet, an effective alternative has been needed for a long time.We feel that White Mountain Insect Repellent has met that challenge.

The only difference between the use of deet and White Mountain Insect Repellent is that it may be necessary to re-apply our product after an hour or so depending upon your level of activity. But these re-applications are safe. If you are using a deet containing product and are sweating, you will also have to re-apply those products and by doing so you are increasing the toxic dose.

White Mountain Insect Repellent meets all the requirements set by the EPA and is licensed for sale in all of the United States. Each bottle contains 100% active ingredients and is the best all-natural insect repellent money can buy.

Thank you for your interest;

Jean Lavallee/wml